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Department of Corrections Credit Union



Whether it is a new or used vehicle we can help get you behind the wheel. Going shopping? Call us prior to visiting the dealer to get pre-approved.

Special Purpose

Need a loan for something out of the ordinary?
We have money for that!


Sign on the dotted line. Your signature is all we need.

Share Certificate / Secured

Get a great rate by using your Share Certificate to secure your loan.

Real Estate

Let us finance your new home for you.

Visa Credit Card

We offer a low fixed rate with a cash rebate of 1% deposited monthly to your share account.

Deposit Accounts


We pay quarterly dividends on shares saving accounts and monthly dividends on checking accounts. No minimum to earn dividends. We offer Regular Shares (Savings), Share Draft (Checking), Traditional & Roth IRA Shares (Retirement), Christmas Club & Escrow Accounts.


Dividends are paid quarterly either to you by check, transferred to another DOCCU account, or can remain in the certificate to earn even more. Terms vary from six (6) months to 5 years. Minimum deposit of $500 is required. Early Withdrawal penalty may apply.