Unsecured Loans
Signature Loans

From debt consolidation to home improvement, we can help you with all your financing needs! With an unsecured personal loan with DOCCU you may borrow up to $20,000 with only your signature. With our low rates, this is a great way to consolidate debts, make those needed car repairs, or any other purpose you might have.

Tuition Loans

The cost of education continues to rise, making education harder to afford. DOCCU offers short term tuition loans (up to 1 year) that make the education needs for you or your family affordable and easy to manage. Bring us the amount of the school invoice and we'll take care of the rest!
Insurance Loans

Everybody has to pay insurance, so why not take advantage of payroll deduction and let us help you with the affordability of those premiums? Bring us a copy of your renewal or insurance quote and DOCCU will finance your insurance premiums for you; 6 month or 1 year terms available.
Vacation Loans

Have you been dreaming of an amazing vacation to an exotic location? Pack your bags! With our great vacation loan rates, you can not afford to say no.
Overdraft Loans

Life's little emergencies happen. Stay prepared - draw from your line of credit and pay later. If you have a DOCCU checking account, this line of credit is used to cover overdrafts. If your account is overdrawn, you will automatically be advanced a loan in $100 increments to cover your debits. The total amount advanced is based on the limit when your line of credit is approved.
Special Purpose Loans

At DOCCU, we offer loans for just about everything you need. Just ask us! We also provide loans to fund the appropriate weapons, accessories, and ammunition required for employment.
Seasonal Loans

Need to purchase school uniforms and or supplies? Or how about making your Christmas wish list a reality? At DOCCU, we offer Back to School and Christmas loan promotions to make it happen!!
 *Back to School loans typically offered July 1st Aug 31st; Christmas loans typically offered Oct 1st Jan 31st.



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