Share Secured Loans
Share Secured Loan
Looking for a way to establish credit or help a family member do so? A share secured loan is perfect for those who like to let their money work for them. Utilize the availability of funds on deposit without depleting your savings. Borrow up to 100% of your savings account balance and continue to earn dividends. Enjoy a low fixed interest rate of 2% above the dividend rate on your share account at the time of the loan.

*No credit check

Certificate Secured Loan
Did you invest in one of our great certificate rates but need access to those funds? Skip any penalties for early maturation of your Share Certificate by using it as security for a Certificate Secured Loan. You will continue to earn dividends, avoid penalties, and repay the loan at an annual percentage rate of 2% above the dividend rate on your certificate.

  • Excludes IRA certificates
  • Loan term will not exceed certificate maturity
*No credit check
You must be or become a member of DOCCU to apply. Click here for eligibility requirements.



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